Do we want Unlimited freedom or Limited freedom??? sAY What You tHINk aBout it??? =D> =D>
Hate, anger, frustration,
How does one survive?
Confusion, distraught, depression.
Why even be alive?

Screaming, running, sobbing,
Everyone is swarming.
Yelling, crying, dying.
Does someone really care?

I sit alone now, all by
Myself with no one else.
They've all left again for good,
And I am once again alone.

I only have friends when
They need a place to hide.
Does that make them love me?
"My basement's always open. . ."

I sit alone again and cry,
For the friends I wish I had,
But will never see.
All I get are words, in threes.

They speak to me softly,
Worry in their faces.
Do they care? Or is
Their worry worthless?

It hurts at the end,
As we all know, but
After that we don't
Know how to go.

Dante once said that sinners go
Where it is dark and dank,
And in the hot below,
Down where Hades rules.

But do we know
Where people go
After their loneliness
Has got to them.

Why stay here where it's sad,
When you can live happy,
No longer alone,
No longer afraid.