Recently Most of Medias around the world reported a news titled "Sri Lankan Muslim convert accused of being 'anti-state'"

Sri Lankan born Woman writer; Ms. Sara who is resident in Bahrain, written two books about her conversion to Islam. she was apprehended while trying to send books out of Sri Lanka through ARAMEX freight.

She went to courier service ARAMEXoffice in Colombo suburbs to send some copies of these books to Bahrain. The officer concerned started questioning whether she was converted to Islam .Though irrelevant to the ARAMEX official whose duty was only to send the cargo and do the documentation Sarah Malani answered all his questions.
After completing all formalities with regard to her cargo she left the ARAMEX office.

Stepping out of the ARAMEX office she was met with a person in civil who inquired about her name and stopped for while before started talking on mobile and giving the direction of the ARAMEX office. Then the vehicle came and she was brought to the Police.Obviously the ARAMEX officer who had informed the police. However as a person with strong faith in Allah she decided to accept what was going on.

The Police Special Investigation Unit, in its report to Additional Magistrate Praharsha S. Ranasinghe, said she was arrested on March 19 on a complaint made by a courier service.

The SIU Officer-in-charge said they found no evidence of any involvement in terrorist activities. Defence Counsel Hemantha Situge asked Court to release Sara on bail as the police found no evidence to charge her.

This is a proof of ARAMEXís irresponsible act which caused the woman writer to spend days (19th March 2010 to 20th April 2010) in Police detention.


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