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Thread: Amazing & true ....

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    Amazing & true ....

    Never try to examine ur deep relations
    Becoz they are like diamonds
    When u hit them they donít break
    But may slip away from ur life

    How pathetic we humans are:
    If we hate someone ,
    we tell it to every one without fear
    but if we love someone,
    we fear even to tell the loved ones

    when u feel GOD is rubbing u against rocks ,
    donít think he will ruin u down to dust ..
    its just his way of polishing a gem

    To be the subject of jealousy is the sign of failure in life
    & To be the object of jealousy is the sign of success in life

    When u donít know the value of a person who cares for u so much,
    U r bound to suffer later when the person is no more to care for u

    Your true character is most accurately measured by how u treat those who can do nothing for u.

    People usually change for two reasons :
    Its either they have learnt a lot that they want to change or
    They have been hurted a lot that they need to change

    In life if people criticize u , hurts u , dominates u ,shouts at u,
    Donít be bothered just remember
    ďIn every game audience make more noise ,not the players ď.


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    Perfectly said ......Thanks for sharing sufi...

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    welcome heesaf

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