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Thread: Emotions wid Pictures

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    Emotions wid Pictures

    You came to my life quietly, simple and the world stood still
    I could not say a word or even simple gesture showed
    So I love you in silence
    Worship you in a distance
    Dream of you from a far
    The feeling was kept

    I wanted to say I love you
    I wanted to show you how I care
    But became afraid, afraid that you'll laugh at me
    Then in silence I try to find the fulfillment of my unspoken love....!!!!!!

    AT LEAST CAN U HEAR ME?………..!!!!!!!

    Without you.............!!!!!!!

    I have turned into a misanthrope
    like a doper in his death bed.
    The lack of ur untroubled love
    eats me frm inside.
    Im like a candle without flame
    like a bird without wings
    like a black cloud without a silver lining.
    Feeling so desperate to feel the
    warmth of ur arms
    & the sweetness of ur lips
    or atleast the sound of ur honeyed
    voice in my ears.
    Wanting n longing to be rescued from
    this prison of unbearable pain.
    I want back the equanimity* only u can bring
    The elavated jubiliation* in my heart
    Wanting to feel the tranquility* of ur untroubled love.
    I look back at that moment when u were
    lying here in my arms, solely mine.
    But now its gone like a bolt from out of the blue.
    I long to live it once again.....

    Wanna fly away with you..........!!!!!!

    as your eyes fall you rest upon my wing
    just rest my dear
    i'll fly away with you

    if you're going to love me to the death
    you will love me 'til my death and after
    and one day we'll all be dead
    singing to the sun
    our troubles gone in space and
    out of the atmosphere

    i'll wait for worry to wake you again.

    Let Me Love You All Around

    Just stop me in no time
    When you feel this is a sin,
    Let such moment come
    Let me love you in between

    The night will be concluding
    With the end of days,
    Let this night pass
    Let me love you, on the edge

    It was hot when started loving
    Coming down it went autumn,
    Let this season be unchanged
    Let me love you on the bottom

    Let not these tears incessantly flow
    Let not loose your haughty fount
    Why do you feel scared loving
    Let me love you on the front

    Leave this age burn in jealous
    Let this furore turn in sound
    Just relax the wrinkle on your forehead
    Let me love you all around

    My Last Night


    I cry for the time that you were almost mine,
    I cry for the memories I’ve left behind,
    I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new,
    I cry for the times I thought I had you

    I m not begging you to love me,
    I m not really even asking you,
    I m not saying come and fill my dream
    But isn't it alright,
    If I cherish that hope in my heart?
    If I love you, from the core of my heart?
    If I dream of just holding your hand,
    It will hurt me - not you,
    I will try to keep my eyes from shining,
    When they see you,
    And I Promise,
    I will try not to smile a special smile,
    When u say "HI" to me,
    I will try not think about you,
    All the way,
    but, please
    Don't ask me,
    Not to love you......!!!

    Oh lovely angel of my dreams
    You gave me warmth of your love,
    I found heaven in ur shiver,
    On that lovely lonely night
    You filled caravans of my dreams,

    Oh lovely angel of my dreams,
    never leave me from ur shiver,
    As time passed day by day,
    You cupped your love in my heart
    U always closer to my heart
    it just flashes with a brilliant glow,

    Oh my lovely angel,
    I’ll never forget
    The first day when we met,
    I remember it like
    It was yesterday,

    Oh my lovely angel
    you always stay deep in my heart…..!!!!!
    I will alwayz love you
    more n mor

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    hmmmmmmmm...long but very very nice one.....

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    Thanks Varj

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