To all you men out there, single, married or about to enter a relationship, before you ask your partner out or make more mistakes adding to your misery, here are a few ground rules you need to check up on or brush up with Ö

Five things you should never tell a woman

1. Honey! You seem to have put on weight!
2. Donít you think you are shopping and spending too much money these days on items that are not necessary?
3. The food is excellent, but you know my mom used to add something that is missing in this, maybe you should ask her.
4. I need a break so I am going off on a holiday with my buddies and will keep my phone switched off.
5. I think you should change your style of dressing - this does not suit you any longer.

Five things you must remember about your girl

1. Her birthday.
2. Your anniversary.
3. Valentines Day.
4. Her favourite flowers and perfume.
5. Her contact number by heart, even if she has bought a new cell 10 minutes back!

Five things you must say to impress your girl

1. Oh youíre looking stunning tonight!
2. This colour suits you a lot.
3. Oh my god! You are losing weight!
4. You look younger and better by the hour.
5. I love talking to you, you completely relax me!

Five ways of surprising your girl

1. Give her a call when itís absolutely unexpected and tell I love you!
2. Send her flowers and chocolates at her work place.
3. Take her for an expensive candle light dinner and surprise her there with a gift.
4. Buy her something she has been longing for but not bought.
5. Plan a nice trip for just the two of you and plan a surprise there.

This should not only spice up your love life, but also have you girl drooling all over you! So if you want to be the Mr Ideal, here is your chance, try the above and see things change in your love life!