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Thread: illegal occupation

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    illegal occupation

    The 2011 version of Japanese elementary school textbook stated that Dokdo belongs to Japan


    The textbook named Dokdo Takeshima and drawed a line between Ulendo and Dokdo, thereby claiming that Korea have been illegally occupying a Japanese island.

    An illegal occupation? This is a total nonsense.

    Several Japanese documents depicting Dokdo as a Korean territory were found in the past. Also, a map made in October 1903 by the Imperial land-sea survey department

    Now, Japan is again trying to extort Dokdo from Korea.
    When the regime changed last year in Japan, the new regime wanted to change the ROK-Japan relationship into future-oriented one.

    However, from what the Japanese government have done, it is pretty much the same as the past regimes.

    Korea is suffering from the loss of brave sailors. But Japan is taking advantage of this situation and trying to steal Dokdo. Japan is still conniving to satisfy its greed.

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    I think that this is a matter that will have a peaceful solution if the matter is taken up to the International body. This will without a doubt yield better results. There have been plenty of such case that are proving to be going haywire but then the efforts are on to have it reach the desired and peaceful results in this time of the economic imbalance.

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