The Cursed Acts (Homosexuality, Beastiality, Lesbianism, Adultery and Fornication)

Human beings have certain instincts and organic needs which need satisfaction in order for them to function properly. The instincts can be conveniently classified as the survival, procreation and the religious instincts. Whilst the needs include those of food and drink and the need to discharge the same. In order to give man tranquillity and satisfaction, these instincts and organic needs need a system to organise them.


The procreation instinct manifests itself through the sexual urge, motherhood, fatherhood, emotions, etc... One may satisfy the instinct through various means. Society and the opinion influencing mechanisms such as the media and the education establishment present these means for the individuals within society. Hence Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Bestiality, Pedophilia etc.. can be utilised by the society for the satisfaction of the procreation instinct or the institution of marriage may be considered the appropriate channel, according to ones viewpoint.

Let us explore the consequences of satisfying ones procreation instinct through these various avenues. Sodomy, Bestiality and other perverted acts between people of the same sex have led to fatal diseases which not only affect the individuals concerned but also society. One must consider such acts together with other ills within society , such as rape and murder, to establish their cause and what system, if any, will eradicate such ills.

Upon reflection, it is clear that if humans allow themselves to lay down a system for the regulation of their instincts and organic needs then disparity, differences and contradiction in which system to adopt is inevitable. Man by his nature is not able, with his limited mind, to properly balance his instincts, needs and sensitivities as the system will be subject to the influence of the environment, education, the media etc.. upon him , each individual will inevitably formulate a different and conflicting system. Societies in western civilisation bear witness to this, and rape, murder and Homosexuality are products of the exploitation of mans needs and instincts.

Homosexuality is a lifestyle chosen by some people under the guise of 'genetic compulsion' . This is a recent innovation made with reference to animalistic behaviour. This ' lifestyle' creates diseases which afflict not only the individual (AIDS etc..) but also the society in which it is practised. The practise is further justified on the grounds of individual freedom . It's practise , however has produced a corrupt , degenerative society which destroys the foundation of the family .

Islam, Christianity and Judaism unanimously condemn Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Bestiality and prescribe death for such acts. God curses those who do the actions of the people of Lot and describes such actions as an ' abomination ' .

Conservative secularists condemn such acts as immoral and contrary to human nature. Together with rationalists, they visualise the degeneration and eventual eradication of the Human race if such debauchery is given legitimacy. Hence, even secular law curtails such practices.

We invite those who participate in these perverse acts to pause and consider the consequences and to investigate a system which organises human being's needs and instincts in a way which does not only give him the satisfaction and tranquillity that he desires but also safeguards the individuals rights , such as those of protection of his dignity, his honour and his health and which safeguards the rights of society by prescribing a severe punishment for the perpetrators of such crimes against humanity.