This all started a few years ago when I asked my father who we were related to, his answer was "nobody" .
Well, I thought, this shouldn't take too long. That was several years ago and I'm still looking for people. There are many more still to find and several differant spellings of the same name ( Schaak. )
Through all this work I have learned alot about my heritage and the people that came before me. I've also met some very nice people and made some good friendships. There are some people who have been a big help and I'd like to thank them. Kay and Adam Diebus were a great help, and a very big thanks to them for having a Shaak reunion. I would like to organize a Shaak, Schaak gathering, even if you think that you aren't related, if there is enough interest. Also James M. Beidler of Roots and Branches, for writing a very nice article about this work and the Shaak's.