You're one of a kind
Move away from the need to compare yourself to others. And you will move
rapidly toward higher and higher levels of effectiveness and fulfillment.

Many of the things you see as limitations and deficiencies in your own
life are not really limitations at all. They're created in your
imagination when you compare yourself to others.

Don't waste your time focusing on what others have that you don't have.
Instead, put your time and energy into making the most of the unique and
valuable knowledge, skills and resources that you do have available to

Don't allow your energy to be drained away by worrying about what others
will think. Simply be your authentic best, and keep in mind that what
anyone else thinks about you is not your concern.

It's great when you can learn from others, find joy in being with others,
and cooperate with others to achieve mutually beneficial results. Just
don't allow your life to become bogged down by constantly comparing its
details with the lives of those around you.

You are one of a kind. The more completely you celebrate and fulfill that
reality, the more satisfying and rewarding life will be.