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Thread: Hardest Thing in Love

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    Hardest Thing in Love

    a.. Being questioned when you yourself don't understand

    b.. Pretending to be innocent of what you know about

    c.. Trying to show you care

    d.. Trying to forget something you know you NEVER will

    e.. Admitting you were wrong after you have been so insistent that you were right

    f.. Accepting the fact that you made a MISTAKE

    g.. Debating with yourself

    h.. Knowing what's wrong and what's right

    i.. GROWING UP

    j.. ACCEPTING the fact that some things are NOT meant TO BE

    k.. Trying to understand when you just can't

    l.. Swallowing your pride when it has become TOO HARD and TOO BIG to even gulp it down with water

    m.. Being the LAST TO KNOW about something that CONCERNS you most of all

    n.. Realizing that you have been TRICKED after you have given your WHOLE TRUST

    o.. Realizing that you have taken the most IMPORTANT thing for granted

    p.. PARTING with someone you've just LEARNED to LOVE

    q.. LETTING GO of someone you've LOVED ALL YOUR LIFE

    r.. Losing someone you care deeply about

    s.. Saying SORRY when you MEAN it

    t.. Saying how you REALLY FEEL and Explaining WHERE YOU STAND


    u.. Knowing what is best and yet doing the exact opposite.

    v.. Bracing yourself for the worst kind of pain... & still hurting so much.

    w.. Loving someone too much and learning to love the pain that goes with it... that even if you learned to let go of the still go on missing the pain you once felt (and there it goes again... you fall again)

    x.. Denying to yourself that you're falling... then finally you realize that indeed you have fallen when it's too damn late and you cant get out

    y.. Being with someone else when the right one comes along

    z.. Knowing deep inside that you love someone yet you can't say it out loud

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    True saying....
    very nice sharing...sakshi........

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    <Khwabo mei>
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    True saying....
    very nice sharing...sakshi........

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