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Thread: To the forgotten girl...

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    To the forgotten girl...

    Dear (.....................)
    It's been a long time, very long time
    Since i've heard your voice
    And i bet i'll never hear you again

    I've had a hard time, very hard time
    loosing you forever
    And you're blind to the fact that my
    heart stopped beating.
    Maybe it's for the best
    maybe it's not for anything

    I bet you thought this poem was about you
    you're more than just mad this time
    you've got that look in your eyes...


    You think you're on top of the world
    when all the eyes are on you
    just wait until your heart breaks
    and you'll know how i felt when i wrote this...

    finally I know one thing ,,
    If u want to be loved, then you have to be worth loving.......

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    Tooooooooo goooooood............Casper

    Lini K

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    Nice one Casper! This reminds me of the phrase...What goes around comes around!

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