Heyo ma homies!! Wuz up? I xtremely apologize for leaving without any notice…….and that too for 3whole months….. Anyways I am back now but wont be a regular user coz I got some news to share.

My dad removed my internet connection so that means what ever is gonna come on Nido from my side is gonna be through the net café. And so that means less attendance.

I am really really sorry for those who missed me a lot…..I just finished my 11th grade annual exams and hopefully I will pass to 12th grade which means, my most critical year starts and so my multimedia entertainments will be RESTRICTED but I will try my best to visit Nido once every month lolzzz……

Well I must say as a MOD I am quite disappointed on the members of this forum and also the other Mods…… How can someone make my dearest sister go away??? Leave this forum??? No one dares to do that and some did it? I intend to know WHO?

I have been going through all those misconception threads and I must that I will be deleting them as part of my duty in accordance with the Forum Rules.

In this case I have formulated 4 more forum rules that WILL be followed strictly and effectively.

1. No one and I mean No Member will make an Open Public Statement of Issue against any other member. If you have any problem, settle it through PMs or PM a Mod about it and let them take care of it.
2. What ever some posts, appreciate it and if there’s something wrong in it then PM them and let them make the corrections.

I have told Haily to come back on Nido with an xtremely humble Request and no one says anything wrong about any other GIRL on this forum. That will be the 3rd Rule.

Fourth Rule: Your initial Topic messages will be in English bt if its in another language then please do give the translation
If you have a problem, then as usual PM an Admin or Mod.

I want the Admin and all the Moderators to Acknowledge these rules.

These Rules will be enforced right from today and from right NOW.

If Haily doesn’t come back, then I got NO point in being here too. Shes the only one who kept me driving here. She was like my Fuel driving my engine to Nido. But when an engine doesn’t get the Fuel it requires, it stops running. So that’s whats gonna be of me.


Anyways nice to be back. I got further plans in mind, will let you know shortly……