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Thread: True Love

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    True Love

    True Love...
    You're the world to me--
    there's no one quite like you.
    You're the one I love,
    the one I want to touch.
    I give you my heart,
    and I need you so much.
    Offer me your sweet caresses;
    fill me with your wonderful light;
    soothe my aching heart;
    and hold me through the night.
    The mere sound of your voice
    summons deep emotion within
    Like an old familiar song
    like the comfort of a friend.
    When you're near,
    I'm lost to thoughts of love
    as you touch me with a magic
    that's as grand as stars above.
    I want to hold your hand.
    I hunger for your kiss.
    Offer me sweet tidings
    of true love's tender bliss.
    I promise our love shall soar,
    carried on the wings of a dove.
    So give me your heart,
    bless me with your love.


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    Is there really a thing called "True Love"? Has anyone in this forum found this so far?

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    why dear.... u have any doubt abt it.... I found true love....

    dnt worry u will get true love one day....

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