Beauty is a smile of God, So pure and bright;
Beauty is a spotless crystal, joy to the sight.

Beauty is a signature of mother nature, so true and kind;
Beauty is a moment of utter bliss, that is rare to find!

Beauty is a nest of love-birds, that's every lover's dream;
Beauty is the rest of the soul, away from the painful scream.

Beauty is not in the thing itself, but in the eyes of the seer;
Beauty is not in the lust itself, but a feeling pious and clear.

Beauty is a poison too, when combined with vanity;
Beauty is a disease too, which steals the sanity.


Beauty is a mother's love, everything for her child;
Beauty is a gentle dove; that's afraid from the wild.

Beauty is a child's smile, so bereft of sin;
Beauty is a solace, from the civilization's din.

So if one wants to find the real beauty on earth's face;
Mother's love, child's smile and God's very own grace...