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Thread: which is better ???

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    which is better ???

    Dad used to give us Rs. 20/- per month, in that we were not only able to eat stomachs fill, but we were able to save too!!!
    Now we earn a sum of 20K, we have no idea where it goes, let alone saving it!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???


    6 subjects per year, 6 different teachers!
    One project since we joined and just one manager!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???

    We used to make notes; we used to study for ranks!!
    Now we scan thru our mails; we struggle for our ratings!!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???

    We have still not forgotten the people in the next section!!!
    Now we don't even know who sits in the next cubicle!!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???

    After getting back from a tiring play, we used to do our home work!!
    Now who knows/cares about home; all we do is just work!!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???

    We knew our history and economics!!
    Now let alone reading books, we don't even catch up with the daily news!!!
    Which was better, the former or the latter???

    We had an aim in life; behind our backs we had our teachers!!
    Now we have no idea about the future nor do we find any one who would tell us anything!!!
    Now just ask yourself, which was better, the former or the latter???

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    i will say former is the gr8 legendary singer jagjit sing sang......."woh kagaz ki kashti woh barish ka paani..."

    the best day of ones like r as a kid no one can get those days backkk

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    Yup sunny u r right former days r better......coz nowadays we earn well but we dont have time, we r so busy dat we dont discuss anything at home,(specially in mumbai) i still remember my school days or college days.

    When i was in college i used to get only 10Rs, sometime only 4 Rs, can u believe this, anyways bye take care.

    Lina K

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    former is better to me too......

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    well lina...i never had any pocket money...coz i got the things i wanted...parents trusted me..i'll nevr ask for any stupid money wasting thing

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    fOrMeR Iz BeTtER!!

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    yha the former it better... But it all through u enjoyed the day if the ask the same to today's generation the ans will definatly be opposite. that is change in thinking and freedom v enjoy.

    all of us enjoyed our childhood days and now we think and laugh at it.

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