Those who accomplish great deeds in the world, particularly the prophets and reformers, are gifted with a charismatic personality and it is this personality which is the power behind all their works of reform and leadership of movements and building up of a new order, based on a particular way of thinking. Thus, while studying the Prophet’s life we should first assess the personality of this redeemer of the humanity.

We do not have any picture or image of this greatest man whereby we can have the privilege of looking at his elegance because the Prophet himself prohibited the drawing or sculpturing of his picture as he feared this would be abused and might even be worshipped, which would annul the most basic tenet of Islam.

All pictures of him, drawn by Non-Muslims are imaginary and are based on their biased view of the Prophet.

We, therefore, have only some pen-portraits drawn by his companions (R.A), which give us a glimpse of his appearance.

Abdullah bin Salam was a Jew of great learning; the moment he saw the Prophet, he was convinced of the truth of his mission and embraced Islam. He said, “As soon as I saw the Prophet, I realized that this face cannot be that of an impostor.”

Another companion, Abu Ramsa Taimi(R.A) says, “I went to the Prophet with my son and the people there pointed him out to me. Immediately my son and the people there pointed him out to me. Immediately on seeing him I was convinced that he was truly a messenger of God.”

Abu Huraira(R.A) remarked, “The Prophet was like a bright sun. I have not seen a more handsome than the Prophet.

Rab’ee, daughter of Mu’awwaz. Had said, “If you had seen the Prophet, you would have felt as if the sun had risen.”

Hazrath Ali(R.A) said, “On the very first sight of him you would feel awe.”

Hazrath Jabir(R.A) Samra said, “I was once looking at the Prophet in the moonlight and comparing his face with the moon. At last I realized that the Prophet was much more handsome than the moon.”