Momma said you left her
When I was still inside of her
She said you never cared
And that I deserved far less.

When I was young
Towing an exploring mind
Sometimes I would pretend
How much you missed me
It was a daydream that felt real to me.

There were days I'd wait at the gate
And everytime a plane passed by
I'd look up in the sky
Wishing it's because of me
You're finally coming home to see.

I grew up not knowing you
Always wondering where were you
I was the target of ridicule
For not having a father to look up to.

I'm now all grown up
Have a family of my own
Most kids have two grandfathers
Mine are blessed with one.


There is one day set aside
For you and all the others
yet-to-be, and already
A very special day to celebrate
Just for being a father.

So here's to you, a heartfelt wish
Everyday and on Father's Day
I send my love your way...
Wherever you are, I think of you
Whatever you do, God Bless you