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Thread: Know abt ur marriage in 5 mins...

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    Jasmine Surve

    Know abt ur marriage in 5 mins...

    Choose a number between 1 and 7 and know what sort of marriage you will be having............

    get ready....

    think abt the no.

    Ok wait now..

    u'r sure right????????

    don change your mind again......... .....


    is it done??????????

    Ok here goes the result:
    (place the pointer of mouse in front of number u have thought and drag it to right side.)

    1. Arranged Marriage

    2. No Marriage(Oops!)
    3. Love Marriage
    4. Love+Arranged Marriage
    5. Marriage With Friend
    6. You will have more than one marriage(Great!!-Please invite me for all)
    7. Y ou'll go against your parents and marry

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    Could married ones comment on the accuracy of this please

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