The sun has finally settled down, for the moon come and shine,
i am just sitting at the table, admiring an angel of mine,
the candles are lit and all the roses are kept in its place,
they seem so beautiful, because in every rose i see her face.

The dark open skies seem to proudly own so many tiny stars,
every time i look into her eyes, I feel they all are just ours,
it is so pleasing to rest my head on her motherly shoulder,
bringing back the innocent smile I had when I was a toddler.

She is the rainbow who adds color to my mind, body and soul,
i stood there silently smiling, when my little heart she stole,
from day one i knew, she was my journey and my heart's destiny,
she stood apart from the rest, even though she was a bit skinny.


Every second spent with her, feels like a never ending dream,
her smile eases all my pain, no matter how hard it might seem,
she is like those clouds, that melts above to bring rain down,
even amid hundreds of people, I feel only she is always around.

We had our share of fights, but still she is only one i adore,
I love her a lot b'coz a wave can't be kept away from its shore,
climates change and ice keeps melting and leaves keeps falling,
till my last breathe, her name is one i will always be calling.

No matter how broken, her presence itself does all the healing,
it is indeed very true, first love is such a pleasant feeling,
Some say love is a struggle and many seem to believe its true,
just keep smiling b'coz at the end "You Might Find An Angel Too