I've tried my best to express one aspect of my culture in two minutes. Hope I'll be successful in conveying my message to every human being who bears a heart. (Some part of video is dark due to dim light of restaurant).
I found these cute little girls working in different homes. I asked them why they do so? They answered, “Our parents ask us to work so they can have more earnings” .More, they told they have a brother who goes to school and does not work any where. I asked them a reason, they said, "Because he is a son". They are daughters that’s why they have no right to study, play and enjoy the life like their brother or other children of their age.
I found so much sympathy and love for them in my heart, so I took them along with my kids to celebrate the birthday of my younger son. The poor little girls did not know "What is a Birthday?" I explained them and even taught them how to eat a burger which was totally a strange and new edible for them. They enjoyed a lot with my kids in a place (Al Maida fast food restaurant) which was more than a heaven to them.
Please eradicate the sex discrimination and treat the DAUGHTERS as you treat your SONS. I have taken this initiative to give them their rights, now what about You?


Submitted by Naurin Ali