Why backup your registry? Because you really can mess up your system editing your registry. I generally tell novice people to stay away from registry editing. Generally registry editing is for people with too much time on their hands and this real desperate urge to mess with their computer, mwhahaha, so lets gets started, umm, but first lets make a backup of the registry:
• Close all programs running on your desktop
• Then go to Start
• Go to Run and type regedit and hit okay. This will open registry editor
• Go to File --->Export...This will open a box where you can save this backup registry file.
• Give it a file name and save it to a folder, hard drive, zip disk, backup hard drive, anywhere that this registry will be safely stored. Make sure the Export range is selected as ALL
• Click Save
• Then make sure to send me large quantities of money (this is an optional step).
Now that you have it backed up its very easy to restore, just do everything you did but when you want to restore it, just go to File--->Import--->Select the backup file and click okay...this will restore you registry back to the default.