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Thread: Something MORE important

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    Something MORE important

    Dear Friends,
    The more the numbers, the more the participation of experts, critics, mind bloggers, and more interstingly love makers.

    This leads to more knowledge sharing, more explosive ideas, more areas of coverage and more but let it not be 'Yeh Dil Maange More'. B'coz has no time to pump more blood.

    Well, I have a simple question to you all....

    How big can we make this forum a great competitor to Arkut?

    I Bid The Best

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    venky....nice thought....ya we all can make a big difference in making this form a gr8 success.....well one suggestion plz updated the chat part of the form admin as it is too we'll try to post some eye catchers so that form becomes a gr8 success....

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    Thanks Sunny. It should shape with many others. Well letz wait for more people to come with adjectives to our thought.

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    its good to grow and grow healthily. but why is there aneed forcomparison with any other group. let us hold our own identity and sure the more the merrier. have you ever seen the number of guests who visit the site. they are quite afew. so even if we are a few lets enjoy each other and grow with that
    smile and well have lots of friends

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    I agree with what you say. You always need to have a parameter to say that you do better than everyother day. Similarly, comparison is not for anyother thing but to do MORE. The no of guests..let them be registered users. Letz not limit ourselves...

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    well i think we shoul recommend this site to all r frnds we meet...
    and increase a quality postings by all

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    I agree with Lalliv. This is a unique group because the members make it that way.

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    I alSO AGrEe WiD lalLiv THaT thIs FoRum hAz gOt ItS oWn IdENTiTy!!
    So WhY to HaV CoMpEtItiON wiD any oTHeR cOMmUnItY!!
    anD we ShUd Try oUr bEsT tO eXtEnD thiS FoRum!!

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