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Thread: GYM Concept Car

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    GYM Concept Car

    The future is coming and in the future, the cars powered by fossil fuels will be forgotten therefore designers will have to come up with new ideas for new types of fuel. While hybrid and solar-powered cars seem to have an advantage, the GYM concept car comes with a new and revolutionary idea: a car which harnesses the energy from your workout.

    You might be wondering if you can generate enough energy to power your car, but the thing is that the GYM concept will feature an electrical engine and batteries which will be charged thanks to you. You will be able to do that via a plug-in socket which will be connected to your exercise equipment.

    A single seat machine, this vehicle is inspired by WWII fighter airplanes. Lightweight injection molded magnesium alloy chassis covered by “a minimal amount” of carbon-fibre bodywork. Inside is an electric motor and a battery pack. You can either plug batteries in or charge them yourself. While inside the car, you can use the stepping machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull-up simulator, or arm weights.

    P.S. : The GYM Concept Car is not affilliated with not probably had any contact or knowledge of the [Wellness Sky], so don’t worry about it being some crazy inspiration, for real!


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    Cool share.

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