Whn NASA Began d Launch Of Astronauts In 2 Space, They Found Out Tht d Pen Wudn't Work @ 0 Gravity (Ink Wil Nt Flow Down 2 a Writing Srface)


Solution # 1- 2 Solve Dis Prblm, It Tuk Them 1 Decade(10 Yrs) & $12 Million. They Developd A Pen Tht Wrkd @ 0 Gravity, Upside Down, Undr Water, In Practicaly Any Srface Including Crystal & In A Temperature Range 4m Below 0 To 300 C

Solution # 2- & Wh8 Did Russians Do? They Used A Pencil


-Always Luk 4 Simple Solutions

-Devise d Simplst Posible Solution Tht Solves d Problems

-Always Focus On Solutions & Not On Problems