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Thread: women (some facts and.....) it !!!

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    women (some facts and.....) it !!!

    plz take it as a humour article one should get hurt....

    coz some r facts and some r......jokes..

    1.girls are like an internet virus: they enter your life, scan your pockets,
    transfer money, edit your mind, download their problems and delete your smile..

    2.Proof that gals are evil:first v state that girls require time and money......Girls=time x money...As we all know"Time is money"......Time=Money......Therefore Gals=Money x Money=Money square.......And because money is the "Root of all evil"......Money=evil root.....Therefore ...Gals=evil square.....Therefore v are forced to conclude that.....Girls=EVIL......

    3.Girls are like phones, they like to be held and talked too, but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!.....

    4.When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 per minute.....

    5.Q:What is the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?
    A:About 45 pounds!!

    6.WOMAN: The most efficient money reducing agent known to man-kind!...

    7.What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?
    You don't, you've told her twice already!...

    8.What is the thinnest book in the world?
    What Men Know About Women...

    9.A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend...

    10.How Dogs and Women are alike.....
    Neither believe that silence is golden.
    Neither can balance a checkbook.
    Both put too much value on kissing....

    11.God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested

    12.What is the difference between a woman and a magnet?
    Magnets have a positive side!....

    13. He met a lady while browsing. She unzipped his dotcom when downloading. Since he was virus free he slotted his floppydisk into her hotmail she screamed yahoo!

    14.99.99% accidents are caused by women...firstly when they get confused...they press gas instead of breakes....secondly whenthey wear hot r too busy checking them out....

    15.All galz say i am not like other galz "I am different" (all r same)...

    16.If a gal says she has told no one the secret....u should assume she has already told to her best friend...


    more to come.......wait.....

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    hey galz don't get angry.....
    and guyz if u have more just add them with a reply...

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    Well CoolestNapster...All look facts than jokes to me What say you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight
    Well CoolestNapster...All look facts than jokes to me What say you?
    May be!

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    PureSoul, what thoughts you have...which you agree and don't agree if you don't mind putting it here

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    they all r jokes....

    i had many of them as a message on my mobile...

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    reply-knight, PureSoul, saksham_barar

    Ya mostly r facts but i had to say they r jokes coz u know why.....

    saksham_barar...i agree mostly r sms..but few r my creation like the last three r hard written facts...not sms.....some of these were experienced by me & my friends

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    LOL...All these were well experienced...and communicated as jokes

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