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Thread: Some jokes

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    Some jokes

    A boy prpose a GIRLin new way:-
    Tu pudine ki chatni, main paneer tika. Ban ja meri RAKHI SAWANT aur mai tera MIKA . . . . .

    2) A mobile is like women - Talks non-stop, costs a fortune, disturbs
    when u r busy and when u need them urgently they have no service.

    3) Tip to reduce consumption of alcohol : Before marriage drink only on
    the days when u r sad, After marriage drink only on days when u r HAPPY..!!

    4) When a BLACK CAT falls down,
    What will the WHITE CAT say ???

    Don't think Like a SCIENTIST It will only say....


    5) Sardar trying to propose to a girl, said "main tumse..." GIRL_tameez
    se baat karo!! SARDAR_behenji, main aapse shadi karna chahta hoon..!!

    6) Teri zulfo mein kho jaana chahata hoon,
    Teri zulfo mein kho jaana chahata hoon...?

    Par tu tel hi itna lagati hai ki har bar fisal jata hoon..

    7) Who is a Dost?
    Dost vo jo bin bulaye aaye,
    Bevajah sar khaye,
    Jeb khali karwaye,
    Kabhi sataye,
    Kabhi rulaye,
    Magar hamesha saath Nibhaye.

    Whats the difference between Data and Information?


    362436 - Data

    36-24-36 Information! ..

    9) Boy says 2 girl:- tute hue dil se pyar karogi ya dil tutne tak pyar karogi.

    girl says:- tuti hui chappal se pitega ya chapal tutne tak pitega.

    10) Wife and husband r like wheels of vehicles. if one tyre punctures
    vehcle will not move......
    so intelligent man always carry stepny with him..

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    gr8 ones ....


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    really awesum

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    Nice jokes... hopefully I will not loos my job .. after these jokes...))))))))))))

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    Hi all of u, thanx a lot saksham, pure soul & shanku.

    Bye take care,
    Lini K

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