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Thread: Korean wave~~

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    Korean wave~~

    South Americans are loving Koreans and Korean songs. So they are studying in Korea to learn more. The Korean wave is hitting the continent.

    It all started in 2006 when the Korean dramas hit the town. The former poor country is now one of the world's hottest economic engines; One more reason for the Korean wave.

    The famous drama Daejangum is broadcasted in Spain, Paraguay, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala, and the reactions so far are sound.

    In Paraguay, starting from November 2nd, the national police radio station is broadcasting the Korean program that introduces Korean songs, Kimchi and traditional foods. This how will be tuning in to everyone in Paraguay.
    I hope this Korean wave would be maintained far into the future.

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    cool. it means korea has developed in fine arts as well as in martial arts and electronic industry

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