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    Vijitha Herath of the University of Paderborn, Germany, writes on the issue:

    Apropos the claim that Adam Gilchrist had a squash ball in his left glove during his innings at the finals of the cricket World Cup. Let me offer a scientific perspective.
    A squash ball is a rubber ball. Unlike a cricket (leather) ball, it
    compresses when pressure is applied on it. When the pressure is released, it takes its original shape. In short, it acts like a spring ( e.g.: a motorcycle shock absorber).
    So what happens when a batsman has a squash ball in the palm of his bottom hand? When a batsman swings the bat until it hits the ball, there is pressure on his bottom hand. This pressure compresses the squash ball thus storing energy in the ball similar to spring. Just after the ball hits the bat (ball still touching the bat) this pressure starts to relax while the bat
    is moving forward. At the same time the energy stored in the squash ball releases its energy to the bat in the form of kinetic energy. The result is that the bat moves faster than normal (without a ball in the glove). As a result, the release-speed of the cricket ball becomes faster resulting in the ball travelling further before hitting the ground. Therefore it results in more sixes and fours being scored. The downside is because the bat travels faster than normal the batsman might lose control of the bat. This happened once in the Adam Gilchrist's innings when the bat slipped out of his hands and fell behind the wickets. If you have any doubts please try to do it yourself and see the result.
    In brief Gilchrist's use of the squash ball allowed him to hit the ball further in the field.

    The above explanation clearly gives you an insight into the fact that the squash ball was used not purely as a protective gear but, as a performance enhancer to a player who was playing his last World Cup innings and did not care of the consequences, but was hell bent on rubbing some glory upon himself.


    Dear Cricket enthusiasts,

    This is a petition against Gilly using the squash ball in his glove. Not that we will get the cup or any such thing.. but just so they would not get away with any thing and everything.

    Please take a minute to read it and sign it if you agree.Thanks

    Warm regards

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    Its a petty to use such techniques to win a game. Surely a disrespect to the game and all the Cricket fans. Shame on Gilchrist and Australian team!

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    thanks knight... at least we have a cricket fan here.... If u have time plz sign the petition....

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    I signed it sometime back mate

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    wow i still can't believe he did that...

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    He had said it himself

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