Explore the rituals of Italian Family dining
In Italy, the links between family and food run deep. Its common, especially at weekends, for extended families and close friends to get together for seven or even eight course meals lasting five hours or more.

Were talking a range of antipasti, delicious main courses like fresh tortellini with spinach, ricotta and pine nuts to accompany a choice of wines and spirit of relaxed conviviality which can be enjoyed all the more with some dishes involving minimal time in the kitchen allowing for more time enjoying the company of your family.

Add to that some delicious deserts (some borrowed from the Romans) and you have the quick and simple recipe for fantastic family dining.

Busy mum-of-one Monica Costa embodies the national passion for food, and has been handpicked by Italian pasta maker Giovanni Rana to pass on her extensive experience and advice for those keen to embrace the Italian way of dining here in the UK.