DHANBAD: Film star Mahima Chaudhary had a close shave when she was struck by a lathi when BJP workers clashed with Congressmen in Jharia on
Monday. Nine persons were injured and four vehicles damaged in the clash at Katras More under Jharia Assembly constituency.


Mahima was taking part in a roadshow along with Congress candidate, Suresh Singh, in an open jeep. Suddenly, BJP workers attacked the motorcade and even exchanged fire.

"I used to see and hear about MNS supporters attacking innocent people in Mumbai. But after seeing the Jharia incident, I have come to the conclusion that the BJP is no different from MNS. Due to the blessings of the people, I have been saved though there was an attempt on my life," said Mahima, who later left Jharia by road.

The injured have been hospitalised in Jharia and Dhanbad. Mahima could only address the rally at Children's Park in Jharia sitting in her car. Despite the trouble, she regaled the audience with the sing, "I love my India."

Trouble started when Mahima's roadshow reached the BJP election office at Katras More where BJP workers shouted in Bhojpuri: "Ka ho heroine ke ghumaawat baara (Why are you sending heroines to the forefront)."

Suresh Singh alleged that BJP candidate Kunti Singh's son, Sanjeev Singh, and his uncle and cousins were responsible for the attack. They had clashed two days ago at Dhansar, too, and FIRs were filed against each other.

Sanjeev had earlier alleged that her mother's supporters were attacked by the Congress supporters. Kunti Singh, the sitting MLA, is the widow of the late mafia don Suryadeo Singh, who, too, represented Jharia in the undivided Bihar Assembly.

Suresh Singh's supporters gheraoed the police station, demanding the immediate arrest of BJP supporters involved in the attack. The district administration immediately sent reinforcements from here while the Dhanbad SP has promised to arrest those involved in the attack on the Mahima motorcade. Jharia goes to the polls on Wednesday.

Jharia Police have registered three different cases, filed by Suresh Singh, Kunti Singh and Ravi Ranjan, the driver of Mahima's vehicle. Dhanbad SP Suman Gupta, said: "FIRs have been registered and police are investigating the matter."