World’s Largest Recycled Artwork Unveiled
To Mark National Recycling Week 2009, Artwork Recreates Iconic 1950 Billboard With 500,000 Drinks Cans, 100 Volunteers Over 1 Acre

Today sees the world’s largest open-air artwork made entirely from recycled materials unveiled.

In the run up to National Recycling Week 2009, the artistic collaboration between lead artist Robert Bradford and aerial photographer Jason Hawkes will recreate a classic 1950’s Coca Cola billboard measuring over 100m in length. It will be built by 100 volunteers with over half a million recycled drink cans.


The artwork has been designed to boost public awareness of recycling benefits, in the hope that people will be inspired to recycle more. If everyone in the UK recycled just one aluminium drink can per week, it would be the CO2 equivalent of taking 2000 cars of the road. Distributed by Tubemogul.