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Thread: Breaking News Peshawar Blast

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    Breaking News Peshawar Blast

    POSTED at 3 pm 15-05-2007

    PESHAWAR: More than 20 people killed and several injured when a blast occurred in a hotel situated at main road here on Tuesday.

    According to details, the blast happened in Marhaba Hotel located at crowded Naz Cinema Road close to the centuries-old Mahabat Mosque.

    Locals and rescue workers are shifting injured to the hospital. An emergency has announced in Lady Reading Hospital due to blast. The deceased included a woman and a child. Police have cordoned off the area and investigations are underway.

    The sources said that most of the hotel workers were Afghan nationals.

    Provincial and federal governments had already issued the security alert for Peshawar.

    Source: jang news


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    Thanx a lot saagar, coz nowdays i m taking more interest to know bout pakistan. I m reading all ur articles & other articles also, so its good to know bout ur country. Bye take care.

    Lini K

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