Are you ready for a new relationship?

Use this quick self-assessment to find out how really relationship ready you are. Answer "Yes" (2 points ), "No (0 points)," or "Sort of (1 point)" -- to the following questions:

1. Do you have a crystal clear, realistic vision of the relationship you want?

2. Do you know the steps you need to take to make that relationship happen?

3. Are you aware of and do you emphasize your best personal qualities?

4. Have you made a clear choice to do what you need to do to bring a partner into your life?

5. Do you have a support team around you, cheering you on in your mate search?

6. Have you reviewed your past relationships carefully and learned what you could about their pluses and minuses? Have you looked at the actions and reactions on both sides of the relationship -- yours and your partner's?

7. Do you know how to keep your energy up during your search?

8. Have you finished the business, emotional and otherwise, that was left over from your past relationships?

9. Have thoroughly inventoried yourself and your surroundings, and done what you can do to present the whole of you in the best possible light?

10. Are you keeping yourself intellectually stimulated and interesting?

11. Are your finances in good shape and can you explain them to a new partner?

12. Are you ready to be honest and open about your life, sharing what might be painful or embarrassing information that your new partner should know?

13. Do you have a good, positive attitude that is readily communicated about relationships, men and women, and potential partners?

Your score :

26 -- Wow, are you ready! Go for it!

20-25 -- Not bad, not bad at all. You might take a closer look at your answers that were "Sort of" or "No," but you are in pretty good shape.

15-19 -- You've got some areas that could use some work. Take a good look at everything you did not rate a "Yes" and think about what you could do that would change you from "No" or "Sort of" to "Yes."

10-14 -- Dangerous! There's a strong likelihood

that you will undermine yourself in your efforts to find a Sweetheart! Take seriously these results and do some intensive work before you start looking.

0-9 -- Train wreck. You have serious impairments to your efforts to find a partner. It's almost certain that you will undermine yourself in mate-finding, or at the very least, pair up badly. Do yourself and future partners a favor and give yourself time to do intensive work to get yourself in a better place