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Thread: Nobody to talk over karachi's black day

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    Nobody to talk over karachi's black day

    Frnz... Yesturday 12th May 2007 became a black day for karachi and im so sad to see not a single post about karachi NO Indian have even sadness about it.
    Basically this forum belongs to Mr. Naveed Farooq who is a Pakistani. But there are many Indian Members more than Pakistanis. Iam really sad that there are no Indian to cover or mourn over karachi's death toll. let me be the first im posting a something written by me, hope you all guys will make a sympathy for karachi.



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    Hi Saagar, thanx 4 this posting, its really good dat u r posting bout pakistan. Frankly speaking i was not knowing anything bout pakistan but bcoz of u i m getting information bout pakistan, doing good job so keep it up.

    Ur sweet frnd,
    Lini K

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    to all our members at karachi take care and be careful.we want our friends to be well and safe.
    hope all somes back to normal soon

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    Hope things are settling down in Karachi and Nidokido members and their families are safe and sound.

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    May Almighty shower his blessings & protection for Karachi people...

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