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Thread: Not for the faint-hearted - only the BOLD need attempt these

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    Not for the faint-hearted - only the BOLD need attempt these

    Not for the faint-hearted - only the BOLD need attempt these feats...

    These are some flirting clues, okay not clues, not hints, but outright brazen tips for the serious flirt!

    THE Meeting

    You're introduced by someone else, he introduces himself, you introduce yourself, however it happens, you are MEETING.
    How do the fearless handle this situation?

    If you shake his hand, wrap your other hand around his. Linger for just a second longer than you normally would.

    Smooth a wrinkle from his cuff or tug playfully on a piece of clothing...

    Wide smile - hold his gaze for three seconds. Then bite the corner of your lip and look down.

    Compliment him - make it as sincere as possible:
    "What sports do you like? You look athletic."
    "What is that cologne? You smell great."
    "Great shirt. Is that an Armani?"

    As you shake his hand, take your time and survey him from head to toe. Bring your eyes back up to his. Smile ever so slightly to let him know you like what you see.

    Move in with a whisper. If the room's loud, take advantage of it. Lean in close. Then whisper conversation - or that compliment - close to his ear......


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    Tips for ladies

    Hey Casper how come you are from Heavan when you are a ghost?

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    Nice question.... Thanks...But you know I am a Freidly Ghost......

    Casper the Freindly Ghost.....

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    Of course I do mate

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    thats good....

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    where do you go and get these tips for women/certainly not from experience
    if any sensible woman tried these out god bless,hate to think what would happen
    thats warning with abig red bulb.
    smile but be careful

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    But most of Girls easily forget these....

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