Island of Waterfalls

Take in the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets or admire the kaleidoscope colours of the lagoon and fringing reef. Imagine yourself swimming with the dolphins or snorkelling with the manta rays. Catch your own "catch of the day" whilst lazily cruising around in the glass bottom boat or perhaps take a trip to one of the many isolated islands in the southern atoll when the tides are high.

Explore West Island by bike or walk along the beautiful beaches just soaking up the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. For a cultural experience take the ferry to Home Island and enjoy the hospitality and unique way of life of the Cocos Malay kampong or join in with the local West Island community activities.

This tiny horseshoe shaped jewel of the Indian Ocean is located 2750klm north-west of Perth and 900klm west south-west of Christmas Island, its closest neighbour and another island of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories.