If youíre looking to add a spark to your evening, the key to more romance may lie closer than you thinkóin the food you eat that evening. No, we donít mean aphrodisiacs; those foods that are rumoured to magically turn you into maniacs are total tales.Still, certain foods can have a more subtle yet still significant impact on how amorous youíre feeling, says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a renowned biological anthropologist, author of Why We Love. So whether youíre dining out at a candlelit restaurant or making something at home, make sure some of these selections below are on the list, and you may very well find yourself (and your date) getting cosy in no time.

Start off with a cheese plate, and it may get you canoodling. Thatís because cheese is loaded with zinc, which can help boost you drive by curbing your bodyís production of a libido-dampening hormone called prolactin.

Pomegranate juice
Thereís a reason this exotic fruit drink became such a big trend in í06: It gives your life a major kick. Scientists have discovered that pomegranate juice is packed with loads of nutrients such as vitamin E which improves fertility, vitamin A which increases testosterone and oestrogen levels, and vitamin C which boosts levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, leading to increased love in both men and women. So indulge in pomegranate martinis.

One roll of the raw stuff packs a quadruple punch: Fatty fish like tuna and salmon contains Omega 3 and L-Arginine, two chemical compounds that improve circulation and stimulate alertness and soft feelings. And kelp (a.k.a., seaweed) is high in iodine, which boosts levels of libido-revving testosterone. Donít forget to add some wasabi, since itís active ingredient, capsaicin, causes changes in the body (flushing, sweating, increased heart rate) which are many times responsible of being shy n feared.

This famed aphrodisiac almost lives up to its reputation: According to experts, these little sea creatures are loaded with zinc and other minerals that are crucial for the bodyís production of hormones (and where would our love lives be without hormones?).

Sure, caffeine provides a serious jolt of energy. But did you know that your afternoon latte has some other, um, perks too? Not only does java keep your mind and body alert, and heightens sensations.

Thereís a reason why this stuff gets sent out by the truckload around Valentineís Day. According to legend, Emporer Montezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate every day to boost his virility before visiting his harem of 600 women. And historyís most famous lover, Giacomo Casanova, reportedly indulged on a daily basis. The sweet stuff contains a compound called methylxanthine, which stimulate the transmission of nerve impulses, and release dopamine into the centre of the brain thatís associated with sexual pleasure. Plus, eating just one square generates high levels of serotonin, which induces relaxation. Snuggle up with cups of steaming hot chocolate, or just savour a few pieces to cash in on their erotic effects.

This sugary spread has a romantic history: Many medicines in Egyptian times were made from honey, including cures for sterility and impotence. And medieval men gave their brides a honey-based fermented drink, believed to sweeten the marriage. What was all the fuss about? The sticky stuff contains boron, a mineral that helps metabolise oestrogen and boost testosterone levels. Drizzle some in your tea (or hey, on each other) and youíll see what that mean!