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Thread: 1947 Earth - Adoptation of "Ice Candy Man"

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    1947 Earth - Adoptation of "Ice Candy Man"

    1947 Earth - Adoptation of "Ice Candy Man"
    Beautiful love story from the movie 1947 Earth Directed by Deepa mehta,Music composed by A.R.Rahman. The movie opens in Lahore of 1947 before India and Pakistan became independent. It is a cosmopolitan city, depicted by the coterie of working class friends who are from different religions. The rest of the movie chronicles the fate of this group and the maddening religious that sweeps even this city as the partition of the two countries is decided and Lahore is given to Pakistan.
    This movie was adoptation of "Ice Candy Man" by Bapsi Sidhwa
    "Ice Candy Man" by Bapsi Sidhwa

    "Bapsi Sidhwa has turned her gaze upon the domestic comedy of a Pakistani family in the 1940s and somehow managed to evoke the great political upheavals of the age ... and I am particularly touched by the way she has held the wicked world up to the mirror of a young girl's mind and caught so much that is lyrical and significant ... a mysterious and wonderful novel." Richard Ryan in Washington Post


    "Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy-Man is like foraging through a tableful of discounted Swatch watches, and finding a gold illustrates the power of good fiction: a historical tragedy comes alive, yielding insight into both the past and the subcontinent's turbulent present." Deidre Donahue in USA Today

    Throughout, the novel sustains the vitality of Lenny's world with a series of wonderfully comic scenes. Highly recommended for all libraries." J. Sudrann in Library Journal.

    "Like all Sidhwa's work, the novel contains a rich undercurrent of legend and folklore. It combines Sidhwa's affectionate admiration for her own community with a compassion for the dispossessed. Her own childhood memories give the novel further depth and resonance." The Oxford Companion To Twentieth-Century Literature in English

    "The novel is about the slow awaking of the child heroine both to sexuality and grown-up pains and pleasures and to the particular historical disaster that overwhelm her world... compulsively readable." Observer

    "Ice-Candy-Man deserves to be ranked as amongst the most authentic and best on the partition of India ... Sidhwa has blossomed into Pakistani's best writer of fiction in English." Khushwant Singh, The Tribune

    Sidhwa's triumph lies in creating characters so rich in hilarious and accurate detail, so alive and active, that long after one has closed the book, they continue to perform their extraordinary and wonderful feats before our eyes." Anita Desai in Dawn

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    1947 Earth -

    1947 Earth - Adoptation of "Ice Candy Man"

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