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Thread: India Behind GHQ Attack: Army Sources

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    India Behind GHQ Attack: Army Sources

    Media persons contacted highly credible sources within Pakistan Army for information on yesterday’s attack on Army’s General Head Quarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. When asked about who could be behind the attack, the Pakistan Army official (speaking on condition of anonymity) informed us that according to Army’s preliminary investigation it was certain that of the footprint of Indian intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) on yesterday’s attack on the GHQ and the hostage situation that followed.

    Pakistan Army has within 24 hours of the attack on the GHQ, located the rented house in Rawalpindi that had been used by the terrorists to plan the attack. Security officials confiscated anti-Pakistan propaganda material, fake security forces’ uniforms, explosives and materials that were used to plan the attack.

    The 22 hour standoff that followed yesterdays attack was brought to an end this morning as Army’s elite Special Services Group (SSG) commandos, in an operation of high military efficiency, killed four out of the five terrorists while rescuing the 39 hostages. The last terrorist was nabbed alive and could provide vital information into the Indian involvement in terrorism on Pakistan soil. 3 hostages were martyred by the terrorists before the Army could rescue them.

    The source also confirmed that the hostages were made to sit around a suicide bomber who was ready to pull the trigger if the Army started the operation – the SSG commandos were able to take out the suicide bomber without giving him time to detonate.

    The capture of the lone surviving terrorist is being hailed as a major breakthrough. Identified as ‘Aqeel’ (aka. Dr. Usman), the terrorist had been on the wanted list for his role in planning and masterminding the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team on March 3rd this year in Lahore. At the time, Punjab’s interior minister as well as the Police chief confirmed Indian involvement in that incident.


    Our source within the Pakistan Armed forces has also confirmed that his attack could be perceived to be a response to the bomb blast outside Indian Embassy in Kabul on October 8th, 2009 which India and Afghanistan were quick to blame Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for – despite the Afghan Taliban having claimed responsibility for the bombing. Pakistan army has rejected Indian and Afghan claims as ‘baseless’.

    It must be remembered that recently Gen McCrystal, the ISAF head in Afghanistan, expressed his concerns of India’s involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Interior Minister yesterday also passed his concerns to the United States over India’s support to terrorist activities in Baluchistan and Swat, and its role in destabilizing Pakistan.

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    it may be right...

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