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Thread: Mumbai Terror Survivor Embraces ISLAM - Why?

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    Mumbai Terror Survivor Embraces ISLAM - Why?

    New York, October 12: An American Catholic Christian and survivor of a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India last November overcame hatred and opened his mind to learn and discover Islam and.. Becomes A Muslim

    Dennis O'Brien Survivor of Mumbai Terror Attack ACCEPTS ISLAM

    Dennis O’Brien, a Catholic, wanted to comprehend the basis of faith of people accused of committing the attack in Mumbai. He discovered in fact, the gunmen were certainly not following Islam at all. In fact, anyone who might take the time to open their eyes, open their minds and open their hearts would have to come to the very same conclusion.

    Sunday, just after Eid salat and standing before a crowd of thousands, Dennis O’Brien embraced Islam.
    He declared....his belief - "There is only one God and the Prophet Muhammad is his last messenger".

    O’Brien, who heads up the education committee of St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, says this was a surprise, even to him. But said he was at peace with it. “Today I feel free of sin,” he remarked.

    After several months of studies and asking questions of Muslim friends and associates, “I feel comfort in Islam,” he said.

    O’Brien also said he wanted to express solidarity with Muslims, even though extremists who say they practice the faith “tried to kill me”.

    Pastor John McGinley, of St Anthony’s, said Sunday he had not heard of O’Brien’s embrace of Islam. McGinley said he knew O’Brien is inquisitive and has expressed concern about the young men involved in the Mumbai attacks.
    He would not say if the declaration of another faith would affect O’Brien’s position at the church, noting he had not spoken to him about Sunday’s events. “I think this is part of his journey of faith and we can work with that,” McGinley said.

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    so happy to know dis...

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    why............ it was not due to terror.
    but after the event he started studying Islam and that is the main reason.

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