Art Exhibition | Jimmy Engineer
Event: Art Exhibition
Venue: Shangri La Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Date: Feb 8, 2009

Shangri La Art gallery hosted an art exhibition by famous Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer. Jimmy's art has been sought after by museums and private art collectors from around the world including in Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, India, China, England, USA, and the Middle East.

In Pakistan, his works are on permanent exhibit at the National Gallery, Islamabad and the Alhamra Permanent Gallery, Lahore. Several postage stamps have been issued of his paintings. Jimmy paints a variety of themes and has done landscapes, still life paintings, cultural paintings, religious paintings seascapes, calligraphy, philosophy of colors, miniatures, abstract, historical paintings, and self-portraits.


The current exhibition features art from his architecture, civilization and abstract series. He has been considered a messenger of peace.