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Thread: Saudi Arabia - in the Park and the Museum Travel

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    Saudi Arabia - in the Park and the Museum Travel

    This is from the National Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The museum is an excellent and large new museum with exhibits covering ancient history through to modern times. This was filmed in Riyadh in January 2008. The Museum includes some of the oldest rocks in the world -- I believe 2 billion years old as well as dinosaur bones and other artifacts found in Saudi Arabia.

    Riyadh is the capitol city of Saudi Arabia and the center for government for the country.

    Contrary to most images of Saudi Arabia, this park is typical of the wholesome family atmosphere common in the country. It is very tranquil and relaxing.

    The National Museum is run with support from the Supreme Tourism Commission (STC) and HRH Price Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Prince Sultan. He is an amazing person and was voted by a your Arab counsel as their most respected and admired figure. He is young and charismatic and was the first Arab, first Muslim and first Saudi astronaut. Prince Sultan bin Salman is a patron of the arts and very interested in archeology and science.

    This quiet and simple video is about as basic as you can get: people enjoying time in a park with their families. It would be great if more people in the world saw more images like these of other cultures: especially those often misunderstood places like The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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    Saudi Arabia

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    hay u really did meet prince??????

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