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    Yoga Guide

    Yoga Guide
    Regular practice of the baddhakona-asana stretches the knees and stimulates circulation in the legs. It
    should be practiced frequently until one is comfortable sitting in the padma-asana. The main areas of the
    body that are stimulated, besides the legs, are the stomach, pelvis and lower back. It is said to keep the
    kidneys, prostate and bladder healthy. The baddha-konasana is one of the few postures that can be
    practiced comfortably soon after eating.
    The chakra-asana is more challenging than most other yoga postures. Don't be discouraged if
    your unable to accomplish it right away. Even attempting this posture without successful
    completion holds great benefits.
    First and foremost is the strength and suppleness it restores to the spine. It strengthens the
    arms, shoulders and upper back as well and stimulates the cardiovascular system. The chakra-
    asana has an overall tonic effect for the entire body.
    As the natural suppleness of the spine is restored after a period of practice you can begin to
    perfect the form of this asana and thus experience greater benefits.
    First be certain that the arms are as straight as possible with very little to no bend in the
    elbows. When you can hold this comfortably, begin breathing through the nostrils while
    holding the posture and attempt to get a greater arch in the spine by bringing your hands
    closer to your feet and/or bringing your feet closer to your hands. Finally, you can extend the
    duration of the chakra-asana by doing several repetitions in sequence without resting in-
    between. As you return from the posture keep the hands behind the shoulders and the soles
    of the feet flat on the floor and as soon as the back returns to floor im


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