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Thread: ImHalal, A search engine specially designed for the Muslims

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    ImHalal, A search engine specially designed for the Muslims


    Now The Muslims can search safely on the web and they are not going to come across the content that is HARAM in Islam. Reza Sardeha, 20 years old CEO of AZS Media Group LTD has founded ImHalal, a Muslim search engine to serve content from around the web to the Muslims and stop searches made for profane material.

    He said in an interview:

    The search engine will not return results considered haram, forbidden, and only show results that are demand halal, approved, under Muslim religious law. I came up with the idea of launching a search engine specifically designed for Muslims where you can search websites without inadvertently coming across content that would be haram. First of all, we have blocked all sexually explicit content. We are also in talks with Imams to determine what might be considered haram and therefore be blocked.

    Sardeha has high hopes and more plans for the future. “In one month’s time we hope to add Islamic widgets such as prayer time so that you can easily find out when to pray or when you come to the website you will see a quote from the Qur’an. We are marketing Imhalal as a social homepage for Muslim households” He said.


    In the last few years, Muslims have become very active on the Internet. The lack of tools for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities responsibly has inspired ImHalal to enter the search engine market. They have developed a haram rating system which detects the syntax and can tell weather the syntax given by user is HARAM or HALAL. The system makes use of a two layer filter system. The first layer only sees the the world wide web and returns only clean and HALAL results while The second layer is really important because it analyzes and triggers the HARAM rating system but the system can still be improved.

    It has got three HARAM layers and it also has a child control system. Things which are prohibited in Islam, like ‘pork’ and ‘alcohol’ are termed as Haram.

    Try out ImHalal right away.

    HI Assalam-o-alaikum im back after toooo much the timeee spedingggg:P

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    welcome back buddy and thanx for the info...

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