Dream & Vision
One Night

When my eye’s was closed
The World was revolved

A dreamer is come
A schemer is run

Dreamer has an aim
Schemer gives it flame

Dreamer made a vision
Schemer asked for revision

Dreamer made a mission
Schemer left and leaves Passion

My eye’s opened suddenly
I see the world though rally

I start to find my values
My passion start to chase these values

I find my self very alone
Like a stone which is thrown

I don’t think like them
So, I choose to leave them

I start my journey
I search for my destiny

I leave the thought which hurt me
I fallow the thought which made me

I visualized my dream
I focused own my theme

I start to give some thing to life
I start to get some thing from life

I start to served Allah
Allah start to served my dream

I fallow my vision and seen more dream
I come to know “its you” who made true this dream