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Thread: wonderfull sms for all......

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    wonderfull sms for all......

    1) There r 3 chambers in my HEART.1 for papa.1 for maa.1 4 god. oh! wat abt u my frend? sorry no place 4 u in my heart... ... bcoz plp like u r in my heartbeats!

    2) Sumtimes i sms,sumtimes i dont,sumtimes i reply,sumtimes i dont,but no matter how many times that SOMETIMES is,u'll be my friend 4 lifetime.

    3) There r 6 Billion people around the wrld. I dnt knw y i keep on msging u.

    Maybe bcoz..


    cant replace...
    a single 'YOU'.

    4) Hi Moon!
    Dim Your Light.

    Hello Wind!
    Breeze Soft.

    Hi Flower!
    Blossom Slowly.

    Hello Earth!
    Spin Gently.

    Coz My Frend Is Going To Sleep.
    gud nyt swt drmz

    5) Life gives an answer in 3 ways...
    It says Yes..N gives u wht u want.
    It says NO...and gives something better.
    It says WAIT and gives the best in its own time!

    6) Just bcoz u got an sms u think someone likes u?? huh?? one likes one misses one cares 4 one remembers u...........MORE THAN I DO!

    7) Some days are cloudy and grey,
    And it seems as if the rain is
    Chasing all your dreams away.
    While other days r bright and sunny,
    Making you feel as though the feats
    You can accomplish are many.
    On this particular day, I have but
    One wish coming your way.
    I hope you have a wonderfully nice day!

    I cnt fnd a reson y God mde U so close 2 me...!
    Bt tats nt d qstion 2b askd.
    May b d qstion 2b askd is-HOW DID HE KNO..

    9) Remember 2 remember me!4get 2 4get me!
    Evn if u try 2 remember 2 4get me
    I wil nevr 4get 2 remember 2 remind u 2 remember me! Believe me...!

    10) What is meant by ABCDEFG... A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl And GFEDCBA means... Girl Forgets Everything Done n Catches new Boy Again..

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    nice collection

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