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Thread: Friendship is Precious!!!

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    Friendship is Precious!!!

    Friendship is precious!
    not only in the shade,
    but in the sunshine of life;
    and thanks to a benevolent
    arrangement of things,
    the greater part of life is sunshine.
    Of all the blossoms in life's garden,
    friendship is the most fragrant
    A friend is a gift where
    worth cannot be measured
    except by the heart
    Be full of sympathy toward each other,
    loving one another with tender hearts
    and humble minds
    Friendship is sharing openly,
    laughing often,
    trusting always,
    caring deeply
    We can pour our heart out to a friend
    knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it,
    keep what is worth keeping,
    and with a breath of kindness,
    blow the rest away
    Thank YOU for being my friend


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    very nice and absolutely true...

    Thank you...

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    vp cool

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