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Thread: The Way Two Hearts Meet

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    The Way Two Hearts Meet

    The Way Two Hearts Meet

    The way two hearts meet,

    Never to remain the same again.

    This heart, so fragile,

    Muses over every passing moment,

    Every passing moment, reminding me,

    Of those times,

    When love blossomed,

    Its warmth felt so profoundly in my heart,

    Your smile that burned a cherubic flame in me,

    Nights lived in the bliss of love,

    Those moments, so unforgettable,

    Where did they lose themselves?

    How strange this life is,

    For tearing away two hearts, once inseparable,

    Words left unspoken,

    Your absence,

    So impossible to bear,

    If this is how it is meant to be,

    Why is it meant to be this way?


    These moist eyes,

    Their story nothing new,

    Beckon you,

    This heart searches for itself,

    Why does it only find you?

    My fervid devotion calls you,

    This bond I share with you,

    Never should it break again,

    Promises made,

    Never be left incomplete again,

    A lover, I may have been,

    A devotee I have now become,

    Every breath chants a prayer,

    Every breath makes my life,

    A life that rests in your hands.

    The way two hearts meet,

    Never to remain the same again.

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    nyccccccccccccc...kooll share

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    thanks for copying my poem. try to write some of your own next time.


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