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Thread: nice sms for all

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    nice sms for all

    1) Devotee asked God,
    "I Want Peace".
    God replied : Remove 'I' thats Ego. Remove 'Want' thats desire.'Peace 'is automatically attained.

    2) Keeping someone in our heart is very easy, but, to be in the someone's heart is very difficult. So "RESPECT" the heart which "CARES" abt U

    3) "Be slow in choosing a friend and much slower while loosing them" Because friendship is not an opportunity. Its a sweet responsibility..

    4) Fly in the plane of Ambition, & land in D airport of Succes.Luck is yours, Wish is Mine; May yr future always Shine .Good Night

    5) 9 Planets

    8 Directions

    7 Wonders

    6 Senses

    5 Pandavas

    4 Seasons

    3 choices

    2 Genders


    1 Friend Like U..

    Life rOcKs

    6) Hardest moment is not tht wn u lose something and tears come out of ur eyes,but its the one wn u lose somethin and still u manage to SMILE.

    7) May d BLESSINGS of GOD harass u,HAPPINESS attack u wherever u go, may MISERY b hijacked frm u & thieves PICKPOCKET all ur worries.

    Most Friendships are like a delicate flower,eventually they dry and die.I however,am a cactus; I'll always b poking U so that U remember me.

    9) To have God in our life Does nt mean tht our boat wil face no storms, while we sail; Rather it means tht no storm cn have d strength to sink our boat.

    10) Devotion to God is true love.
    Worldly pleasure is deceptive, true happiness resides only in God
    Worship God at the end of happiness, unhappiness, and temporal life.

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    nice collection

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