Sometimes, it's all that I can do to let a moment pass
To take a breath and face my fears and know that they won't last

To have a thought held in my mind and see it fade away
Inside the pain of tragedy that faces me each day

I feel my heart is racing and the hope that I will find
A bit of solace of the truth that grips from time to time

But fear has been my struggle it has brought me to my knees
And sometimes I'm defenseless as the pain rains down on me.

So easy do they make it sound to rise above the pain
To climb out of this bottle and to live my life again

But where are words to hold me in the sadness of the night
And comfort me with tenderness when I have no will to fight.

Its the nights that hold me hostage and beats me with its breath
Among its darkened shadows is the place I have to rest.

If not the night I'd find some peace and hold myself to stand
Among the words and actions that lend a helping hand

But fear has sent a demon thought to tread upon my heart
To take the broken pieces of my soul that fell apart.

It's left me with this hunger that can never be denied
And though I try to feed it, it seems its never satisfied.

It feasts upon my broken soul and gives no rest to me
It's stripped me bare and left a hole inside my dignity

Now comes the victor of the night to haunt me as I cry
The moment passed and here I am alone again tonight

To see inside my sadness and to find the strength to flee
Among the shadows of the night as pain rains down on me.